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We're All Telling a Story

Even if we’re ignoring it, we’re all telling a story.

I (Charlie) claim my journey began in 2011 after dropping out of business school. The truth is, while that may have been when I chose to take a new path, my journey began on the day I was born.

That’s the thing about life, it’s all a story. We begin telling it long before we’re even cognizant of our own existence (which is why we can’t ignore our family of origin, because they are the ones who tell our story before we’re able).

Yes, sometimes we can ignore our story, tumbling through life as though none of it matters, but it’s still a story. We’re still a story.

Why? Because our life has meaning. And as long as it has meaning we’re going to impact others, be impacted by others, and leave a footprint behind.

Our footprint and our impact are our story. They are what make us who we are.

I remember a few years ago sitting with a friend as we watched a man walk by dressed in all black, with a perfectly manicured mustache, slicked back hair, and a chain wallet. My friend said, “now that guy is wearing a costume”, and I thought, “we’re all wearing a costume”.

I don’t mean this as a judgement. I mean it to say, we’re all looking for our place in this world, and trying to discover a story that’s our own. Sure, the guy in black stood out more than some of us typically do, but maybe he’s just more willing to be himself.

Maybe he’s more alive to his place in his own story.

My point is this: whether we’re willing to admit it or not, we all exist in a story, we’re all telling a story, and we’re all touched by the stories of those around us.

The question is, are you telling the story you want to tell? Is your story authentic, real, and unique? And, if not, what needs to change?

Because we’re all missing out if you aren’t telling a story true to yourself. That’s what this world needs—more people like you telling an authentic, unique story.

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