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35mm Film Photography

Charlie Howell Photography
Charlie Howell Photography
Charlie Howell Photography
Building a business website was something I put off because of how daunting it felt. When I reached out to Charlie, I knew that I would need marketing support to put my passion for working with others as a new therapist into a format that would draw the clients I trained to work with. Charlie and I met over several weeks to talk about my goals and develop a clear and concrete framework for my practice. Charlie gave me the space to stumble toward the business that had started as a simple longing for change. I was surprised to find myself on much more solid ground after our work together. I feel confident with the webpage that we created. I feel confident knowing that Charlie is available to support my practice as I grow and change. You owe it to yourself to reach out for the kind and direct support Charlie generously provides!!

Sunny Simon, LMHC

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