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Digital Marketing

Website Design


1. Story Consulting

Story coaching is the process through which we define your values, identify what makes you unique, and discover how to express your story in a way that feels true to you and your work.


4. Basic SEO & Analytics

I'm not an expert when it comes to SEO and analytics. For most small businesses the basics will be plenty to start getting the word out. I'll get you started and from there I can help recommend someone if you need something more robust.


2. Domain to Template

Some clients are already deep into the process, but for many we'll start by choosing a domain, linking it to a website builder, picking a template, and then start creating a website you can take pride in.


5. Going Live

Once all the pieces are in place and you feel comfortable, we will go live and start to share your site to get feedback and see how it feels. Sometimes going live can change how you feel about parts of your site, so we'll make adjustments as we go.


3. Collaboration

I'll do the bulk of the design work, but I work collaboratively with clients. We will meet every week or so to look at new edits and discuss changes, as well as continue to develop your story.


6. Editing Tutorial

One of the biggest benefits of modern-day websites is the ability to make quick edits without having to pay someone like me. While I help many clients make updates and edits both large and small, my goal is that you have the ability to make edits yourself.

“People don't like being sold products, but we all like being told stories.”

Tim Ferriss

Content Creation


Social Media Profiles

I no longer manage social media profiles. There are simply too many other people who are passionate and great at it, but I can help you set up those account profiles, give an overview of the tools and insights, and set you on your way.


Blog Writing & Book Editing

Writing is where I first returned to my creative side after years of believing I wasn't a creator. I first began blogging and editing books 12 years ago. Throughout the years I have helped multiple people edit their book and writing content for a number of websites.


Email Campaigns

While I typically use Mailchimp, there are a number of resources available for sending email campaigns or simple one off updates. I can give you a tutorial on using email campaigns or manage them for you.

We LOVE working with Charlie. His work ethic, creativity, and willingness to listen make a perfect combination. He has increased our audience and challenged us to think outside the box, all while offering innovative tactics to move our non-profit to new levels.

Kim H.
Nonprofit Executive Director

Small Business Tools

When you run a small business, there are all sorts of random things you'll need in addition to a website. I can set up these services and ensure they continue to work smoothly.
"Charlie was really patient and collaborative in helping me get my site up and looking the way I wanted. As a therapist, it was important that whoever worked on my website could understand the field, the needs potential clients may have, and not create a copy/paste website. Charlie started off with getting to know me, what makes me tick as both a person and a therapist, as well as wanting to know about my potential clients. From there, he was able to help me design a website that fit all my needs as well as being reflective of my personality. I've already referred Charlie to others in my field and wouldn't hesitate to do so again!"

-Neil Wolfson, MEd, LCSW

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